The 46th president has an inconsistent track record as he contends with promises made to progressives.

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One of the more entertaining parts of the 2020 election was watching all the different factions within the Democratic Party proudly proclaim Joe Biden’s allegiance to them and their cause.

The progressives were convinced that he “could be pushed to the left” while the traditionalists were hopeful that he would be a “steady hand” during the transition from Trump.

Yet, while Biden was happy to allow them all to think that he was on their side, and indeed he put out many conflicting talking points, it is almost impossible to say what he actually stands for. …

Why he actually has a shot

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Actor Will Smith teased the idea of running for political office one day during an interview on “Pod Save America.”

On the episode released Monday the 52-year-old actor emphasized that he “absolutely” has an opinion when it comes to activism, systemic racism and ideas for the country’s future. When asked whether he would ever consider running for political office himself, Smith said:

“I will certainly do my part, whether it remain artistic or at some point venture into the political arena. For now, let that office get cleaned up a little bit. …

The United States hides behind human rights in order to antagonize a country looking to usurp its power.

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For the past 15 years Americans have been told that the rise of China will be a catastrophe for the world. The idea is that should China become the dominant superpower then human rights around the world would disappear. It is said that America, even for all its faults, is a better guardian than the Chinese.

Every day it seems like some expert is talking about how war between the two is inevitable. It is assumed that not only will the U.S. …

A look into the power struggle

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The current dilemma facing the Republican Party is the definition of being between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, the party establishment, along with most of America, hates Trump and wants/needs to get rid of him. On the other, most reliable Republican voters not only love him, but also hate the party establishment.

Beyond that, there is a group of Republican politicians looking to capitalize on the anti-establishment tendencies that Trump exposed in voters and ride those coattails to a more prominent place, potentially even a presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, it’s still unclear what the Democrats will…

Hint: It’s about power

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While Congress wasting time with political theatrics is nothing new, the current distraction of the Trump impeachment is surprising, even by their standards.

While the justification, ensuring Trump can’t run for president in 2024, seems convincing enough, it overlooks a few obvious truths that the Dems surely know. Chief among them is the fact that Trump is permanently muzzled and, even if he weren’t, his momentum has evaporated and will be impossible to get going again.

In the end, it’s more about consolidating power in the wake of Trump’s exit than about being punitive.

Indeed, as far as Trump is…

It’s all about accountability

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This whole GameStop debacle seems to have left everyone asking the same question. How is it possible that something so blatantly wrong is being allowed to happen in America?

At a time when so many people are struggling and Congress has been completely unwilling to help, a few folks found a way to get a penny back from the same group of people that had been taking everything in America for decades, bankers.

Then, just when the entire world was cheering them on, the financial industry blatantly and illegally tried to shut the whole thing down and the politicians have…

Typical tactics of the American Establishment

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The seismic shift that this week’s GameStop debacle represents cannot be understated. In a move that was as predictable as it was surprising, the largest brokerages in America worked together to deny retail investors the possibility to buy that stock.

Normally people outside financial circles don’t pay much attention to stock manipulation. However, in this very public battle of big vs little, there seems to be an understanding that the precedent being set has implications far beyond GameStop’s share price.

What Happened?

In case you’ve been under a rock this week, it was announced on Reddit that over 150% of GameStop shares…

They don’t really have a choice, according to their business model.

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The Pope doesn’t seem Catholic

He supports gay marriage, accepts divorce, and holds a host of other progressive stances. This obviously doesn’t sit well with most traditional Catholics, or even non-Catholic conservatives. Many of them cannot understand why the pope would break so decisively with so many traditional viewpoints.

However, if you consider what would happen if he didn’t take these positions, then the pope’s actions start to make a lot more sense.

Indeed, rather than thinking of Francis as the messenger and protector of some inviolable word of God, it helps to picture…

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Socialism is like kryptonite to some people

Considering the history of the 20th century it’s understandable to feel that way. However, the 21st century just might be the ideology’s time to shine.

Despite having been ill suited to the realities of the last 100 years, advanced technology brings some interesting opportunities for socialism.

From practical ones like efficiency in central planning, to necessities like controlling artificial intelligence, socialism could very well find a use for itself in the coming years.

21st Century Technology

The 21st century will bring technology whose impact is hard to imagine but nonetheless will manifest itself in many different ways, some exciting and others frightening.


They’ll lose in the Long Run.

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Trump spoke last night about his plans for the future.

He said he was the only one who could stand up to the left. Considering how spineless the GOP is, he’s probably right. But he ignores what happens when he is gone.

On the surface, America is at a crossroads in 2020. Will it be Conservatives that win the battle or Progressives? The truth is, it really doesn’t matter who wins this battle because the war has already been won by the left.

The progressive movement is the dominant trend in America.

It might not have the most people yet, but it’s the one that’s moving the goal posts. The right, and everyone else, is just…

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